Sayer Rippey

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Seattle, Washington, US



I'm Sayer, a recent Computer Science graduate of Oberlin College. I am passionate about human-computer interactions and tech for social good. I love solving puzzles, natural language processing, and thoughtful design.

Work Experience

  • SAT Teacher and Tutor, Mazor Test Prep Company

    Help high schoolers prepare for standardized tests, in class and on-on-one settings.

    • teach prep classes to 15-20 high schoolers at a time
    • tutor all areas of the SAT and ACT one-on-one
    • think quickly on my feet to engage and effectively teach students
  • Intern at the University of WashingtonScientific Collaboration & Creativity Lab

    Adapted an automated affect classifier to work for French, while researching multilingual NLP.

    • adapted a support-vector machine to classify affect in bilingual internet chat
    • researched multilingual computer-mediated communication and sentiment analysis
    • (see the paper I wrote with Katie Kuksenok about this project)
  • Tutor and Grader at Oberlin College, Math & Computer Science Depts.

    Tutored students in Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, and two Principles of Computer Science classes, recapping concepts from class, making practice tests, and helping tackle homework. Graded for the Algorithms and the Programming Abstractions courses; evaluating students’ algorithms and proofs and giving feedback.

  • Webmaster, Oregon Affiliate of the American College of Nurse-Midwives

    Maintain the Oregon Midwives website, updating events and managing the database.

  • Counsellor at Centauri Summer Arts Camp

    Worked at an 8 week sleepover camp, in charge of campers aged 8-18, planned and taught 50+ workshops related to the arts, led social justice workshops and cafés, and coordinated social activities for other counselors.

  • Facilitator at Oberlin College, Harkness Co-op

    Led discussions and elections at co-op meals, was the point person for any questions or problems.

    • was accessible 24/7 in person or by email to answer questions and concerns from ~130 people
    • held biweekly meetings with the Co-op Management Team to ensure the smooth running of the co-op


  • Languages
    Java Python C/C++ Ruby Scheme SQL French
  • Web Development
    HTML CSS PHP XML Javascript
  • Programs
    Microsoft Office Tableau Balsamiq Gimp/Photoshop


  • Computer Science, Bachelor,  Oberlin College 2010-09-05 - 2014-05-28

    Natural Language Processing Artificial Intelligence Computer Graphics Computer and Information Security Human Computer Interfaces Computer Organization Data Structures Algorithms Theory of Computer Science Systems Programming


  • 2nd Place in the Denison Spring Programming Contest,  Denison University 2014-02-22

    As part of the team Public Static Void Pain